Day Hikes at the North Rim

Transept Trail

The Transept Trail follows the rim of Transept Canyon from Grand Canyon Lodge to North Rim Campground, a distance of 1.4 miles one-way. The trail is nearly level.

Widforss Trail

The Widforss Trail starts from a trailhead on the west side of AZ 67 just north of the NOrth Kaibab Trailhead. across the road from the North Kaibab Trailhead. The trail winds 4.4 miles through along the west rim of the Transept to a point on the North Rim overlooking Widforss Point.

Ken Patrick Trail

This trail connects Point Imperial with the North Kaibab Trailhead, a distance of 10 miles. If you plan to hike the entire trail, it is best to hike it one way with a car shuttle. The trail skirts the rim after leaving Point Imperial, then crosses the Point Imperial Road and wanders through the forest to the North Kaibab Trailhead.

Uncle Jim Trail

This 2.5-mile trail starts at the North Kaibab Trailhead and traverses the forest to a viewpoint overlooking Roaring Springs Canyon and the Kaibab Trail.

Cape Final Trail

This trail starts from the Cape Final Trailhead along the Cape Royal Road and follows an old fire road 2.0 miles through the rim forest to Cape Final, a major promontory with excellent views of the eastern Grand Canyon.

North Kaibab Trail

The park's trans-canyon trail, the North Kaibab Trail starts from the North Kaibab Trailhead just north of the village, descends into Roaring Springs Canyon, and then follows Bright Angel Creek to Phantom Ranch and the Colorado River, a distance of 14 miles one-way and a descent of 5,950 feet. Do not attempt to hike to the river and back in one day! A day hike to Supai Tunnel and back is a good short day hike. This hike is 2.0 miles each way and a descent of 1,400 feet.

Arizona Trail- North Canyon Loop

This strenuous 3.7-mile loop hike uses sections of both the North Canyon and Arizona trails to loop down into the head of North Canyon, past a spring, and then back along the rim of North Canyon. To reach the trailhead, start from Jacob Lake at the junction of US 89A and Arizona 67, and drive 26 miles south on Arizona 67 to DeMotte Park. Turn left on Forest Road 611 and follow the signs four miles to East Rim View.