North Rim

Vista Encantada

Vista Encantada

The North Rim and Arizona 67 south of Jacob Lake are closed mid-October to mid-May. For current information, check the following web pages:

Grand Canyon National Park North Rim web page

Arizona Department of Transportation Road Conditions

Park Newspapers and Maps

The Rim Less Visited

Because the North Rim is harder to reach than the south rim, it gets only 10% of the park's visitors. Although it's a 21-mile hike from the south rim to the North Rim on the Kaibab Trail, it's a five-hour, 220-mile drive on Arizona 64, US 89, US 89A, and Arizona 67. It's certainly worth the extra effort, however, because the views from the North Rim are quite different.

The Mountain Lying Down

You'll cross the nearly 10,000-foot Kaibab Plateau on the way to the North Rim. "Kaibab" is a Paiute Indian word for "mountain-lying-down". Between the gorgeous mixed coniferous forest, the alpine meadows, and the chill mountain air, you could be Canada. In fact, you are- climate-wise. With elevations over 9,000 feet, the climate is comparable to that of southern British Columbia.

Getting Around the North Rim

When to Visit the North Rim

North Rim Visitor Center

The North Rim Visitor Center is next to the main parking lot at Grand Canyon Lodge. Exhibits provide information on the park and the region, and there is also a bookstore.

Ranger Programs

Interpretive programs are offered during the season. Ask at the visitor center, or check the Park Newspapers and Maps page.

North Rim Views

Cape Royal Scenic Drive

Kaibab National Forest- North Rim

From the southernmost point of this table-land the view of the canyon left the beholder solemn with the sense of awe. At high noon, under the unveiled sun, every tremendous detail leaped in glory to the sight; yet in hue and shape the change was unceasing from moment to moment. When clouds swept the heavens, vast shadows were cast; but so vast was the canyon that these shadows seemed but patches of gray and purple and umber. The dawn and the evening twilight were brooding mysteries over the dusk of the abyss; night shrouded its immensity, but did not hide it; and to none of the sons of men is it given to tell of the wonder and splendor of sunrise and sunset in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. -Theodore Roosevelt