Recent Storm Damage to Tuweep Area Roads

Major storms over the last few days caused significant damage to roads in the Tuweep area of Grand Canyon National Park.

Toroweap Overlook Road remains open; however, visitors will need high clearance vehicles to negotiate ruts, debris, and deep puddles. Visitors should not drive on affected roads on the Kanab Plateau or the Vulcan's Throne Road until at least this weekend, or until drier conditions prevail. Operating a vehicle during muddy conditions which results in damage to roadways is prohibited.

Repairs are targeted for next week to wait for the chance of storms to pass. Historically, the area receives the highest incidence of isolated rainfall during the first ten days of September.

Tuweep is located in a remote area of Grand Canyon National Park, accessible only by driving on rough, unpaved roads. Grand Canyon National Park preserves the area for an uncrowded, rustic and remote experience; there is no water, gas, lodging, food or cell phone coverage. For more detailed information about Tuweep, visit -NPS